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Artwork & Branding Explained

Free Virtual Samples

We understand that sometimes it is hard to visualise how something would look with your logo on it.

We take the guess work away by providing a complimentary FREE VIRTUAL SAMPLE service at the quote stage so you get a representation of how the end product will look. Please simply request a quote on the product that you are looking at, orcontact us here to take use of this service.

Artwork Requirements

For all branding methods other than embroidery, all files provided must be in Vector based .eps or (Adobe Illustrator) .ai file types with all text converted to outlines. The reason for this is because vector files can be manipulated and increased in size without losing any detail, and if text has been converted to outlines then it doesn’t matter what font your logo is, our decorators will be able to recognise it.

For embroidery, some .PDF and .JPEG files may be acceptable depending on the quality and size of the file. Please send your artwork through to us and we will advise you.

If your logo needs to be redrawn due to it not meeting the above specifications, we will advise you and this will be charged at $30 + GST per hour (it shouldn’t take longer than an hour to do this). We will then supply a high quality vector file for you to use in the future.

Some logos aren’t able to be branded in a specific way if there are shades or multi-tonal colours in the logo, such as screen printing. In these cases, once we have assessed your logo we will always suggest the most appropriate way of branding that will show off your logo in style.

Branding Methods Explained

There are many different decoration types out there, and the suitability of each one depends on which product you select.

A common question is why are there setup fees, and why do they vary? The reason behind this is it is a very time consuming process for our decorators to get your artwork ready for print. It will depend on the type of decoration and supplier as to the setup fees, but we always aim to provide the cheapest possible decoration price to you, while still maintaining the highest quality standard.

Below is an explanation of each decoration type:

Embroidery: Logos are stitched on using embroidery sewing machines. Buy Promo Online offers some of the best embroidery prices out in the market today, and once your logo has been digitised once, no setup fees will apply in the future.
Suitable for: Clothing, headwear and most types of bags.

Screen Printing: Involves the passing of ink through a silk screen where a stencil has been applied to determine the logo being printed. The surface being printed on must be completely flat. 
Suitable for: T-Shirts and certain types of bags and folders which have little fabric detailing.

Pad Printing: A rubber stamp printing process that transfers ink via a rubber pad onto the surface of the object you are printing on. Pad printing can be used on almost any surface and object, including the most difficult curved edges and smaller items. 
Suitable for: Mugs, bottles, gifts, pens, stress balls, earphones and many more promotional products.

Laser Engraving: The art of using lasers to permanently engrave items to extreme precision. 
Suitable for: Most metal items like USB flash drives, stainless steel drink bottles, watches and pens.

Digital Transfer: When your logo involves many shades of colour, then Digital Transfer or Full Colour Print is the way to go if Embroidery is not suitable. 
Suitable for: T-Shirts, caps and bags.

Heat Transfer: Your logo is printed onto a very thin surface which is then cut to size and heat is applied on top of your garment to achieve the transfer. 
Suitable for: T-Shirts and bags.

Deboss / Emboss: Two similar techniques with different results. Embossing causes a logo or image to raise up from the surface, whereas Debossing causes the logo or image to be pressed into the surface. 
Suitable for: Leather or vinyl surfaces.

Mirror Logo: Usually performed on metal surfaces to create a raised mirror effect. 
Suitable for: Watches.

Epoxy Dome: Usually performed on metal surfaces, this technique produces a raised bubble or dome over your logo.
Suitable for: USB flash drives and keyrings.

At the time of quotation we will advise all branding options available to you depending on what you are after, with our recommended option.

PMS Chart

A lot of companies have strict branding guidelines where your logo can only be printed in specific colours to match your logo.

These are called PMS colours and comes from the Pantone colour system. At the time of pre-production sign off, we will ask you whether specific PMS colours need to be used. Please note that while we always make our best effort to match colours to specification, on the odd occassion there are situations where there may be slight variances in production.

If you're unsure what your PMS colours in your logo are, you can use our PMS chart as a guide (please remember that computer screens do vary in colour and brightness, so if you are unsure please contact us for assistance).


Help! I don't have a logo or artwork!

Don't have a fancy logo? No problem! We can imprint a simple text message on your item at no additional cost.  Many people choose to use just their company name, address and/or phone number imprinted in simple text on a promotional product. If you'd like a simple logo but don't have your own artwork, we can accommodate that too.  We will work with you to create a simple logo that will complement your company information. Want something a little fancier? Contact us for quotes on the cost of creating new artwork. Artwork costs are typically on a per-hour basis and depend on the complexity of the logo you have in mind.

Help! I have a logo from our website/letterhead/business card; can I use this as my artwork?

We can work with just about any image that you send us. However, we want your logo to show clearly on our promotional products, which is why we recommend using certain formats over others for production. Typically a logo taken off of a website or scanned from letterhead is not sharp or large enough to look good when imprinted on an object. That is why we recommend using a vector format image to get ideal results that will look better than scanned images.

If you do not have access to a vector format, we can recreate your image in vector format for free if it is a simple image. More complicated images may incur a small conversion fee. If you're unsure, send us your artwork and we will take a look and see if we can re-create it for free, or if it will incur artwork costs. More often than not, our art department can produce a vector conversion for free, so don't hesitate to contact us with questions!

Help! What is a proof and why do I need one?

To ensure that you are completely happy with your promotional product, we provide you with a proof before the item even goes to production. All of our proofs are completely free, even if you change your mind about ordering a product. A proof simply allows you to see what your logo/message will look like on a product. While we can create a spec product of your sample, in most cases it is very costly. That is why we offer free proofs to show you just how good your logo will look on one of our thousands of promotional products. Once you send us the artwork, product number and any additional information via email (see How To Order), we will return your proof within 1 hour to 24 hours.

Time Frame for Proofs

Depending on the complexity of your artwork and the format in which it is sent to us, your proof will take anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours. In most cases, you will receive your proof within a few hours of emailing it to us at info@o3promo.com. It is important to remember that we will not place any order without approval of the artwork. This ensures that you are completely satisfied with the proof before we send it to production. If you are in a rush, please indicate this when placing your order. Please note that any revisions you make to the proof will take additional time, so it is important to send us the artwork well in advance of your event date.

Since many of our items have a quick turnaround production period of 7 business days, we can have the item produced and sent to you in as little as two weeks. When placing your order, please inquire about the production time to ensure that we have enough time to create your proof and send it to the factory, as well as for shipping. If you need an item fast, we do offer rush service on some of our promotional products for an additional fee. For rush orders, it is important to send us all of the information required for the proof to ensure that your order is sent quickly to our factory.

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If it is your first time ordering a promotional product, all of this jargon about vector formats and production times can be confusing. In short, we will try to work with whatever type of image you can send us to create a promotional product that will wow your clients. Just send us whatever information/graphics you do have and we will work with you to make the process as simple as possible